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CADE Aquariums combine unique sophistication with functional design to produce luxurious Aquarium systems.


Our vision is nature.


At CADE we are passionate about nature and even more passionate about producing high quality Aquarium systems.


We believe that appreciation leads to preservation. 

Aquatic environments form the largest and most diverse ecosystems on our planet supporting millions of species of flora and fauna. Unfortunately very few of are free from the effects of human impact. We hope that our small contribution in encouraging the 'nature aquarium' hobby helps to attract much needed attention to the beauty and sensitivity of pristine freshwater and marine ecosystems. 

CADE are aquarists designing for aquarists.


CADE knows exactly what 'Aquarists' want because at the very heart of our organisation are aquarists just like you. Our lead Aquarium designer Adam Dalton is a professional Aquarist who is also the Director of CADE Australia and CADE Internationals Business Development Manager. 


"We are dedicated to providing Aquariums of the highest standard with cutting edge design in both 'build your own' and 'ecosystem specific' functionalities." 


Regardless which aquatic environment you'd like to replicate, CADE has the perfect Aquarium system for you.

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